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Burbage Carnival

Sunday 26th June 2022



Preparation for the 2022 Burbage Carnival is well underway, we are hoping Covid guidelines will allow us to go ahead and be a successful year. If the current guidelines remain we are in for an amazing carnival! With this years we are celebrating the Queens platinum jubilee with anything royalty, from the royal family, kings and queens though out the ages and drag queens to Disney princesses and pop kings and Queens, the possibilities are endless. Get creative and go wild!


The Carnival is organised by a small team of volunteers, who all put an exceptional effort in to ensuring that everything runs smoothly.  Occasionally there are a few things that don't quite go to plan and the team generally work around and carry on.


Carnival is all about bringing the people of Burbage together in a festival of fun and community.  Come out and support this event by lining the streets, or why not enter a Float into the procession?  It's great fun for all involved, and raises money for local charities.









This years theme is.... Royalty

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