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Supporting Burbage

Over the years the Burbage Carnival Committee have organised events in the village that have provided entertainment and fun.  Bringing together the people of Burbage, and at the same time raising money for local good causes.  


The Carnival & Fireworks Committee is in place to plan and organise 3 major events a year, the Burbage Carnival, Burbage Fireworks and the Prince and Princess Competition.


As a result of the Carnival and the Fireworks event that are held every year, the local charities and good causes have benefitted by as much as £10,000 a year.


The above picture shows the happy recipients of 2015 showing off their cheques which they and we know will made a big difference to what they are able to provide for local people.


Like most events organsiers are aware, we are feeling the financial pinch just as much.  Events are becoming more expensive to provide, with increasing costs of everything from insurance, through to potable loo hire.  the fireworks event particularly has an overhead of thousands of pounds, that means we are finding it harder to make the money needed to deliver the events, and provide a significant contribution to local good causes.


In 2018 the Carnival Committee has taken the decision not to donate money to local good causes simply because we don't have the funds to enable us to do this.  


We are asking local people to dig deep in their pockets and contribute as much as they can to ensure that we are able to donate a significant amount to local good causes in 2019.  


It is our pleasure to support the Burbage Community so please keep supporting the Carnival and Fireworks events.